GameDev Sacred Element

Hi, we are two student developers and we are trying to make a text game with a fascinating storyline and nice graphics.

Year 1075. Suddenly, the elements of nature go out of control and chaos begins.
Earthquakes, floods, hurricanes and volcanic eruptions … You are in charge of the
Elementalist Mages Guild and have to restore harmony to the world … or destroy it.
Control the elements of nature with one finger movement. Managing the elements of
nature has never been so easy. But be careful: this simplicity is deceiving.
Something mysterious is happening in the medieval world. For some reason, natural
disasters and natural cataclysms do not stop. No one remembers how it started. No
one knows how to stop it. And no one can explain why do you come back here again
and again.
Nothing happens by chance here, so consider each decision. Each event may cause
either victory or defeat. Anyone from your network can be an enemy and a traitor.
Here is the struggle for power, conspiracy and intrigue, mysterious events and
characters intertwined in one fascinating story. Sacred Element