iOS 16 kļūda krešo Mail appu

iOS 16 bug can cause the Mail app to instantly crash when a certain string of text is received

The flaw was discovered by the folks at Equinux, which makes a VPN Tracker service for Mac and iPhone. The team discovered this bug in iOS 16 while analyzing spam emails.

We started seeing iOS mail problems for multiple people on our team: Mail was crashing immediately on launch.

It turns out the team had all received the same spam message. Looking at the raw source of the message didn’t immediately reveal any red flags – it was a pretty basic HTML email. However, a look at the mail headers showed that the spammers had done something unusual in the “from” field.

How to fix a Mailjacked inbox

The good news is there’s an easy way to stop the crash, provided you have alternative access to your email account (not using iOS 16!)

As soon as you delete the email from your account using another device, different email client or on the web, Mail updates your inbox and stops crashing. Moving the email to a subfolder in an IMAP email account will also fix your inbox, but Mail will crash again if you navigate to that folder.